Lagune med gastæt belægning og service broer

25.000 m³ Digestate Lagoon

Digestate lagoon with gastight covering and service bridges
At the end of 2015, Ceno Top’s supplier completed the assembly of a silage lagoon with a gastight covering near Leipzig, Germany. This lagoon has an effective storage volume of 25,000m³. The lagoon is made with a gastight floating covering. It is executed in a way that remaining biogas can be sucked off with an open-cell gas ring line. This gas ring line is located under the covering on the top of the border of the lagoon. This sucked off gas can be delivered to the gas utilization in neighboring gasholders.

A particular challenge was the planning and installation of the pump and mixer technology. These pumps and mixers are connected directly to the service bridges. They can be operated and maintained easily from the heads of these service bridges. Gas tightness is guaranteed due to a specially developed design.

With this kind of gastight digestate lagoon, the operator can save more than 65% of the investment and energy costs because fewer mixers are needed in comparison those required for the usual round tanks.