Ceno Top’s supplier sælger historisk stort gaslager

18.000 m³ Biogas storage unit

The largest biogas storage unit in the history of Ceno Top.
Ceno Top has taken the order for the largest biogas storage unit in the company’s history.
The 18,000m³ biogas storage unit will be located near Rostock, Germany. It will have a diameter of 42.5 meters and a height extending up to 21 meters.
The owner can utilize such a large storage volume because the biogas plant will be able to operate in flex-mode as a “peaker plant”. Specifically, the gas will be stored until peak consumption times, for example in the mornings. At the time when high-peak consumption takes place, the gas will be withdrawn and converted into electricity by the CHP’s to meet the increased electricity demand.
This means a big investment for the operator, who was able to finance the project from compensation of the peak electricity feed in tariffs, depending on kilowatt capacity.
With peaker plants being a new area of business, Ceno Top’s supplier is able to supply the demand for the construction of additional capacity gas storage.
The large gas storage unit is a technical challenge for us which we are happy to undertake. Our 30+ years of experience with the product will be helpful with the implementation.